Halo 2

ADI v1.2c
Halo 2 program similar to Cluis’s HHT for Halo, but with a new interface!

Project Ch2r v0.9.2
A common Halo 2 reverse-engineering project. Open Source Halo 2 Editor for doing all the things you need for modding your maps. Extracting/viewing meta, swapping items, viewing/swapping dependencies, extracting bitmaps, etc.

Dot Halo v1.b3
Halo 1 and Halo 2 map modding program. This program requires .NET Framework!

Encryptomatic Signature
Iron Forge has determined the algorithm used to calculate the Encryptomatic Signature that prevents all Halo 2 maps from being modified. MonoxideC has used this information to create this wonderful tool for the public, allowing anyone and everyone to work on Halo 2 maps.

H2 Edit v1.0b2
Xbox Nation had an article on H2 Edit, in the February 2005 issue! This is a program similar to MonoxideC’s HMT and Cluis’s HHT but built for Halo 2 map files. I wrote this program to give modders a chance to easily mod map files.

H2 Logo Gen v3
Emblem Generator program that creates your actual in game logo as your Avatar!

H2x v4.2
This program was designed to import models from single player to multiplayer!


  • Drag & drop tags from Map to Map for a recursive move.
  • Imports all raw data from Single Player Shared to local map (prevents linking issues).
  • Right click tags to duplicate, then rename them.
  • Automatic Update system for IFP and Native plug-ins.
  • Versatile Plug-in System including IFP, XML, and Native plug-ins.
  • Dual Modes for IFP’s, “Edit Mode” & “Dev Mode”.


  • Generate small patches for rebuilt maps.
  • Generate small patches maps with new tags added or duplicated.
  • Automatically add an entry, including a preview bitmap, to mainmenu.map for the new map (optional).