XBConnect Software

XBConnect is software that runs on your PC and will let you play Microsoft Xbox/360 games and Sony PSP games with players from around the world. Imagine plugging your Xbox/360 or PSP into a LAN that went around the planet. Load up Halo, Halo 2, Rainbow Six 3 or any other compatible game and you can play with people all over the world. That’s what we do for you. You don’t have to pay for expensive online gaming services anymore. Gone are the days of being stuck with career modes. If you got a PC, broad band internet and a game console, then all you need is XBConnect. So what are you waiting for? Get XBConnect and get your Xbox, 360 and PSP online today!

There are two builds of XBConnect. One has skins for different visual appearances and the other version is a standard Windows. For low to mid range PCs, we suggest you get the skinless version. For high end PCs, you can use either. XBConnect now supports Vista edition!

If you receive an NPP Tools error at startup you need to install a newer version of WinPcap!

XBConnect Pro Advantages:

  • Access to pre release versions and features that Non pro users don’t receive.
  • Lets you search for users that have a game you want to play.
  • XBC Pro lets you apply ping filters to the game list.
  • XBC Pro lets you find players near you. This helps setting up Lag free games.
  • XBC Pro lets you search for players that have the same games as you.
  • You also get that warm fuzzy feeling for supporting all our efforts.
  • Customize kicks
  • More player control
  • Mute players in chat
  • MIRC colors
  • Player banning

Both Methods will send an E-mail to your account with your Pro Serial Number.

XLink Kai: Evolution VII

XLink Kai: Evolution VII is the third and final application in the XLink series of console tunneling applications. Whereas in previous versions, online support was only available for Xbox users, PlayStation2, Gamecube and PSP owners can now join in on the fun.

XLink Kai: Evolution VII lets you connect with other console users around the world, and play online games for free. XLink Kai: Evo VII tricks your console into thinking that the other users it is connecting to over the Internet, are actually part of a Local Area Network. This is the basis of system-link gaming, where friends would gather around in the same house and play over 2 or more consoles. With XLink Kai: Evo VII, you now have the option to test your skills out with anybody in the world. As for the technical aspects of tunneling network packets, we won’t bore you with that…

  • XLink Kai: Evolution 7.4
  • Features:

  • Supports XBox, Playstation2, Gamecube and PSP system-link / LAN enabled games.
  • 2 gaming modes (Messenger and Arena).
  • WinPCap-less.
  • Integrated chat in all areas.
  • No port-forwarding required on almost all network setups.
  • PC to PC and PC to XBox Dashboard voicechat using the SPEEX codec.
  • Extremely simple and global user-interface.
  • Auto-update on startup.
  • Multi-console compatible.
  • Compatible with wireless networks (not all wireless network setups).
  • Superior compression algorithms for less lag.
  • Support for university dorms and proxies such as Italian FastWeb ISP.
  • Trusted clan and tournament / ladder arenas.
  • Remote functionality through homebrew dashboards (for XBox users only)
  • Lots more features for you to discover!